Geographical Information Systems are generally perceived as tool in which a map is produced containing icons. While these systems do include this feature, they actually offer much more functionality to the user.

GIS collect large volumes of geographical data based on location, present it to the user, generally by transferring it to information management systems and processing the same data to create an input, thus enabling the instantaneous decisions to be taken based on the available geographical data.

We regularly encounter decision support system applications, both in the military and civil fields. These systems operate by processing data obtained from various sources, such as mobile devices (through mobile applications), IoT systems as well as devices located at geographically different locations.

Ante Grup’s experienced teams can provide you with the necessary solutions to satisfy your needs in a broad range of application areas.

Among the applications are:

Municipality Services


Land Management

Urban Planning

Financial and Legal Applications

Communication Network Planning and Management


Inventories of Natural Resources

Environmental Activities

Military Applications

Computer Aided Mapping

Our Qualified Teams

provide services at the customer’s location, developing web-based data centre systems with GIS integration with Defence Industry projects.
Ante Grup’s experienced teams are always ready to configure its broad range of solutions in accordance with your needs.
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