The successes it has achieved in past management information system projects are testament to Ante Grup’s acquired competences, and these successes are driving its works in this field with new projects.

In the field of Military Management Information Systems, Ante Grup has successfully completed both the development and project management packages for which it is responsible under the Electronic Document Management System (EDMS) Project.

Within the Logistics Information Management System Project developed to satisfy a requirement of Turkish Land Forces Command, Ante Grup has:

automated all logistical processes of Turkish Land Forces Command, creating an integrated structure; adapted the previously developed automated equipment that worked independently for integration into the new structure;

determined the strengths and weaknesses in the decision support process and identified critical performance criteria with a view to improving logistic processes;

digitised and improved logistics services, creating decision support data that can be used in determining possible cost savings;

supported the accountancy and warehousing aspects of logistics with technological capabilities, thus ensuring Total Inventory Visibility;

upgraded the logistics supply chain (planning, procurement, storage, distribution, maintenance, deleting etc.) with the necessary technological infrastructure to ensure it operates in an uninterrupted and efficient manner;

developed decision support software to aid in the provision of the on-time and adequate logistics service required by military units in peacetime and during a campaign;

developed integrated management information system software that can increase the interoperability of the Command Headquarters and ensure timely and accurate decision-making;

developed an infrastructure that adapts to the flexible and variable nature of the battlefield, and that provides the necessary logistics and performance data required by internal and external decision support systems; and

ensured that the Integrated Logistics Support (ILS) processes of Turkish Land Forces Command can be carried out in an automated environment.

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